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A type 4 jdbc driver for MySQL.


As of April 2002 I am making tjFM avalable under terms of the LGPL. This is pretty much a "dead" project as I have not upgraded it in several years. But it is still being used by many and courtesy of sourceforge it will be hosted here.

As I have not worked on tjFM in such a long time and it has pretty much been superceeded by Mark Matthews' mm (, tjFM is available for adoption should anyone demonstrate desire and competance to do so.

twz1jdbcForMysql is a Type 4 Driver for the MySQL database from T. c. X DatakonsultAB. The driver was written, copyrighted and is (or was) maintained by me, Terrence W. Zellers.

Now somewhat dated, this package still works as is with Mysql version 3.xx. and JDK 1. It works well with later JDK versions, so long as you don't need the added features of JDBC 2. Note that with JDK versions after version 1 it is generally necessary to use the classes in the noopt directory.

Please email me any bug reports, change requests or just general comments.

To actually download the package, click here

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